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InterCinD History

InterCinD PT arises from the union of CIND (Italian Intercalibration Dioxins Circuit founded by dr. Stefano Raccanelli ) and InterCal ( Swedish Circuit organized by Professor Bert van Bavel) and  is organized according to international guidelines on the organization and management of PTx.

Essence of InterCinD are the reference materials used, all REAL MATRIX available in NATURE, prepared and characterized according to the international guidelines for the production of reference materials . These materials have the necessary characteristics of homogeneity and stability that they can be used in the round robin, and for the first time InterCinD provides participants 3 different types of real and “natural” materials like:

  • Environmental
  • Industrial and
  • Food/Feed

From February 2015 LabService Analytica as InterCinD Division  is Accreditated ISO/IEC 17043:2010 (Accredia PTP0007).

The Accreditation certifies the technical competence of the organization limited to the scope detailed as follows:

Determination of  PAH, HM, PBDE, PCB-DL,PCB-NDL,PCB-ICES6, PCDD/F, TEQ in sediments, soils, sludges, fly ash,wastes, feed, feed components, meat, fish, milk, milk derivatives, eggs, vegetables, packaged foods and from December 2015 also for PESTICIDES RESIDUES in Flour, Vegetables and Fruits (see AccreditatedSchemes details).

The accreditation agreement signed by Lab Service Analytica Srl and ACCREDIA, on request, can be viewed by the user.

InterCinD aims is to develope the quality methods and support Analytical Laboratories in testing their performance with real samples.

Please consider that some activities could be subcontracted, in any case the PTP is responsible to the partecipants for the subcontractor’s work, except in the case where a regulatory authority specifies which subcontractor is to be used.