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Performance Validation


offered to Laboratories adopt previous edition InterCinD REFERENCE MATERIALS supplied as BLIND TEST SAMPLE from the available list of MATRIXES:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL (Sediments)
  • INDUSTRIAL (Ash and derivatives)
  • FEED/FOOD (Fish, Cereals, Eggs and Dietary Supplements)

These samples from previous InterCinD edition (Accreditated PTx) could be analyzed by your Lab and once we receive back your Data Results, we will edit a Validation Performance Report (VPR) in which the single Lab results are compared with the specific PT Report.

In this way the single Lab, in every period of the year, can test its performance or validate internal methods.

In this VPR we present:

  • z-score values
  • r-range values

for the validation of accurancy and precision.

Usually we supply three bottles of samples and we ask to every lab to analyze EACH BOTTLE in a different moment and TO CONSIDER the content OF THE BOTTLES as three different samples. IN ACCORDANCE WITH ROUTINE LAB PRACTICES, EACH BOTTLE CAN BE MEASURED IN REPLICATES, BUT ONLY ONE MEASURE FOR EACH BOTTLE NEED TO BE REPORTED (TYPICALLY THE MEAN).