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If your Lab is searching for an International PT Accreditated ISO/EN 17043, we are ready to help you!


year 2017: next PT Schemes

DIOXIN and other InterCinD Micropollutants- NOW AVAILABLE!

InterCinD 2017SE – QA/QC (POPs) study: SUBSCRIPTION FROM APRIL 2017! (Shipment on 12th JUNE 2017)

click here to download the Subscription form: 2017SSE Single Subscription Form and Operative Instructions



DIOXIN and other InterCinD Micropollutants

InterCinD V – QA/QC (POPs) study: SUBSCRIPTIONS FROM NOVEMBER 2016! (Shipment on 10 th JANUARY 2017)

click here to download the Subscription form: InterCinD V Single Subscription and Operative Instructions

Are you interested in both Schemes? Click here to download Multiple Subscription Form for Advanced Annual Subscription


New PESTICIDES InterCinD QA/QC study : SUBSCRIPTIONS FROM JANUARY 2017! (Shipment on March 2017)

click here to download the Subscription form:MDP11-Subscription Form Rev02-Pesticides and Operative Instructions


Note: All partecipant records will be kept secure and confidential, and retention time is established in 48 months.

Please consider that some activities could be subcontracted, in any case the PTP is responsible to the partecipants for the subcontractor’s work, except in the case where a regulatory authority specifies which subcontractor is to be used.