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Current PT Schemes

  • IC2022SE for POPs ACCREDITED ISO 17043:2010 for PCDD/F and PCB determination
  • INTERCIND H2O-POP’s2022: for PCDD/F and PCB determination
  • IC10-2022 for POPs INV-ENV ACCREDITED ISO 17043:2010 for PCDD/F and PCB determination
  • ODOR PT2022 EN 13725 ACCREDITED ISO 17043:2010


Dear All,
if you like to subscribe to InterCinD  International Proficiency Test for PFAS, but also DIOXIN, PCBs, PAHs, PBDEs and HMs , please download the Subscription Form  to get more info and details about the PT Scheme.

Once completed with the necessary information required, please send it back to: before the date reported on Operative Instructions

For any problem, doubt or further details, please contact

Please read carefully the Privacy Disclaimer.

Thanks a lot for your preference!

Note: All partecipant records will be kept secure and confidential, and retention time is established in 48 months.

InterCinD PT Materials are available for at least 6 months after the PT Scheme Report emission. After this period, the detailed list of the available materials can be viewed on Reference Materials page

The accreditation agreement signed by Lab Service Analytica Srl and ACCREDIA, on request, can be viewed by the user.

Please consider that some activities could be subcontracted, in any case the PTP is responsible to the partecipants for the subcontractor’s work, except in the case where a regulatory authority specifies which subcontractor is to be used.