Proficiency test

Our Main Activity:

  • International Proficiency Test (Round Robin -Intercalibration Circuit) Accredited EN ISO IEC 17043:2010

The first CInD (Circuito Intercalibrazione Diossine), was designed on year 2000 to give the possibility to the italian laboratories to compare and test their analytical performances with real samples, and today, thanks the Accreditation achieved, InterCinD B.U. organize – International Proficiency Test (Round Robin -Intercalibration Exercise) with ENVIRONMENTAL, INDUSTRIAL and FOOD(FEED) SAMPLES, mainly dedicated to the determination of DIOXINS, FURANS, PCBs, PAHs and Heavy Metals.

InterCinD do not provide specific analytical guidance and do not require the use of particular analytical Methods, so every Lab should operate following its operative practice, and provide for data elaboration some info about instrumental techniques and analytical Methods.

InterCinD Proficiency Tests Main Features are:

  • Natural and Real Samples with endogenous contamination
  • 3 Replicas
  • Statistical Elaboration inspired to ISO 13528/2015 and IUPAC Guide Lines

These Features provide:

  • Proficiency Test Exercise developed in conditions similar to those commonly used in laboratory activity (blind concentrations and ranges, endogenous contamination etc)
  • An assessment of the laboratory performances through the z-score (accuracy) and dispersion of the measurements (precision)
  • Determination of the assigned value and its specific uncertainty for each cogener in each matrix, depending on the consensus value
  • Statistical tests for the determination of extremes and outliers by non-parametric method

In year 2024, InterCinD will offer New Accredited Schemes,  for :

  • IC2024PFAS: PFAS in Waste Water
  • IC2024SSE/1: PCDD/F and PCB in Industrial Water
  • IC2024SSE/2: PCDD/F and PCB in Sediment, Fly-Ash and Feed-Food
  • IC2024 ODOR: 2-Buthanol and THT in Gas
  • IC2024SSE/3: PCDD/F and PCB in Soil and  Feed-Food

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Lab Service with its InterCinD Division is developing a range of new additional Services (not accreditated) whishing to reach the interest of Analytical Laboratory that partecipated to InterCinD Proficiency Test editions or is simply interested to test their performance with Reference Materials:

Reference Materials

Performance Validation

Accurancy Monitoring Charts

– Training Course (in definition)