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InterCinD  offers Proficiency Tests for the  determination of  PCDD/F PAH, HM, PBDE, PCB-DL,PCB-NDL,PCB-ICES6,  in Environmental, Industrial and Food/Feed materials;  and from December 2015 also for PESTICIDES RESIDUES.

InterCinD essence are the reference materials used: all REAL MATRIX available in NATURE, prepared and characterized according to the international guidelines for the production of reference materials.

LabService Analytica as InterCinD Division  is Accreditated ISO/IEC 17043:2010 (Accredia PTP0007).

InterCinD aims to develope the quality methods and to support Analytical Laboratories in testing their performance with real endogenous contaminated samples (not spiked) and on request, is also available to offer Performance Validation Service on InterCinD Materials

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 New InterCinD Annual Meeting:

Bologna 1st June 2017

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