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1st June 2018 InterCinD meeting in Venice

This Annual Meeting for InterCinD PT is back in VENICE

You are all invited to save the date in  your agenda to participate next 1 June in Venice.

More details about the event soon available.

The Title of the Seminar is:

DIOXINS, POPS, PFAS, emerging Endocrine Disruptors and “old friends”. In year 2018 where is the prevention?

International experts will update the situation about these “old” and “new” micropollutants.

Download and fulfill the InterCIND2018_formVE_v5

Watch the Regional TV News about the PFAS Event

Download here slides presented at InterCinD meeting:

Programme of the day

  1. InterCinD: a Proficiency test only? by Ivano Battaglia Lab Service Analytica Srl
  2. “1994-2018 it was all forseeable”. by Stefano Raccanelli Environmental Etichal Chemist
  3. Poli-fluorinated substances (PFAS) and more: the risks of epigenetic damage during the formation of the fetus and in the first 2 years of the child. Neurodevelopmental disorders: is prevention making the difference? by Ernesto Burgio – ECERI: European Cancer and Environmental Research Institute Bruxelles
  4. The perfluoroalkyl substances in the Veneto region. by Vincenzo Cordiano – Hospital oncoematologist, President of ISDE Regional section
  5. Assessment of the mortality of PFAS employees of a Veneto Company. by Enzo Merler – Consultant for Dip. Prev , food safety, veterinary, Veneto Region & Paolo Girardi – Epidemiological System of the Veneto Region
  6. The presence of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in food: assessment of human exposure. by Giampiero Scortichini – Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Perugia
  7. High Resolution Mass Spectrometry: a powerful tool for monitoring and prevention. by Werner Tirler – ECO RESEARCH Bozano
  8. Environmental Forensics of POPs. by Jean Francois Focant – Univ. Liege
  9. Application of the isotopic analysis of lead for the identification of the source of contamination in necrophagous raptors of the Stelvio National Park. by Simonetta Menotta & Giorgio Fedrizzi – Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Bologna
  10. CIND and InterCinD: 15th years of statistical elaboration and innovation. by Simone Libralato – OGS Trieste
  11. InterCinD 6: preliminary evaluation of the results. by Claudio Carbone & Francesco Suriano – Proambiente
  12. Can InterCinD make the difference?  by Stefano Raccanelli Environmental Etichal Chemist