In Portoroz (Slovenia), from 9th to 12th October 2017, InterCinD™ take part to EURACHEM 9th WORKSHOP ON PROFICIENCY TESTING IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY AND LABORATORY MEDICINE – Current Practice and Future Directions. (

EURACHEM is a network of organisations in Europe, having the objective of establishing a system for the international traceability of chemical measurements and the promotion of good quality practices in analytical measurement by producing authoritative guidance within its expert working groups, publishing guides on the ...

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1 June InterCinD Meeting: the slides

Thanks to every participants for your interest and collaboration.


Single Lectures available for online presentation

  • Slide Ivano Battaglia: Introduction  1_Battaglia_1_June_2017
  • Slide Ernesto Burgio: Disturbi del neurosviluppo una pandemia silenziosa? 2_Burgio_1_June_2017
  • Slide Stefania Bonan: Valutazione dell’esposizione dei neonati e dei bambini alla melammina tramite l’analisi dei MOCA 3_Bonan_1_June_2017
  • Slide Enrica Ferretti: Mercato globale e Pesticidi: quale situazione? 4_Ferretti_1_June_2017
  • Slide Giampiero Scortichini: Qualità ambientale e Sicurezza Alimentare: bioindicatori dell’esposizione ai contaminanti organici persistenti 5_Scortichini_1_June_2017
  • Slide Werner Tirler : POPs diossine e PCB-solo la punta dell’iceberg? 6 Tirler_1_June_2017 
  • Slide Federico Pecoraro: Ruolo dell’incertezza ...
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InterCinD Annual Meeting: the POPs Day

InterCinD organize every year in Italy the Annual Meeting for Participants and interested Labs.

During this appointment we have the opportunity to share with present Laboratories the Results of the Last PT Edition, moreover it is an important opportunity to have a scientific and qualified Workshop about Micropollutants disease on Environmental, Food and People.

All the Scientist presenting Lectures are highly qualified and have a very great experience and knlowledge about this themes.

In the following you can find some interesting Lectures from past ...

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